Decorate Your House With Antique Furniture

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Improve the visual appeal of your home or office with antique mirrors, lamps and furniture. A lamp from the early 1900s is sure to catch the eyes of your guests when you host get-togethers.

Frances Fitz-Gerald Jewelry and Antiques sells Turkish pillows, oriental rugs and vintage linens. Our decorative vases, elegant boxes and silver dishware can add to the beauty of any living space. Find everything you need to complete the classic theme you’re piecing together in your home.

Don’t forget about the wide variety of modern art we have for sale. Find the perfect contemporary painting to hang on your living room wall.

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3 benefits of hanging modern art in your home or office

Frances Fitz-Gerald Jewelry and Antiques has a large selection of modern art for sale. Hanging art on your walls:

  1. Provides inspiration on a daily basis
  2. Creates interest and a focal point
  3. Provides conversation when guests are over

Purchase modern art and antique home décor at our treasure shop today.

Estate Sales

There is something very special about an item that has a long, rich history, especially if it is part of your own family history. However, despite the fact that we would love to keep each and every item from our past, it is often very impractical. The decision to part with family treasures is made all the more difficult when it is necessitated by the passing of someone close to us.

When you reach out to us to handle your estate sale, you can rely on the fact that we have many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of antiques and fine vintage jewelry. we offer our expertise to each of my valued clients, ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your estate items. Additionally, you can be certain that your precious heirlooms will be appreciated by someone who is looking for the very thing you no longer need.