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These ladies go above and beyond the call of duty. They just they don't just find and sell;
they find, customize, reach out and offer the very best items for their clients.

Their clients are not just clients, they are not numbers, they are not what car they drive, every client is different and are made to feel special.

I requested to be notified when certain items came in that might work in a space I am designing. Only later to learn that they were not simply looking for items that were coming through the door. But, better yet, I have come to learn that they have gotten to know me, my likes, wants, and specific needs for my interior designs that I might be working on at the time, and keep me in mind when shopping for items around the country. That would make anyone feel special.

There are so many great places in Lake Charles and so many women and men who work very hard with respect to goods and services designed for collections and beautifying your home. I do not want to discount Any of the stores I buy from. What I am saying is you owe it to yourself to stop by and take a look.

I will leave it with this. If you are looking for a very special man-gift, go to the store and you will see what I mean :)

Happy shopping everyone!

Molly Q.


I might be obviously biased, but let me just say that Frances and her staff work incredibly hard to bring the buying public some of the most beautiful jewelry, objects de art, antiques and collectibles between New Orleans and Houston. The staff is welcoming to all who enter the store and Frances is especially knowledgeable about every aspect of the items she has personally selected for your shopping pleasure. Come in and prepare to spend some time looking at all of the treasures she ha sin store for you!

John Fitz-Gerald


We just finished up our living estate sale with these ladies. Very professional from the beginning to the end. We learned more than we ever originally knew about some of our furniture pieces....Kate and Frances did hours of research to make sure they priced the pieces as accurately as possible. Their salespeople are top notch! We highly recommend the FitzGerald team for estate sales...fun to work with too! Lots of laughter through the process.

Donna R.


Wonderful place! Great items! Such a beautiful selection!

Beej F.


Miracle workers! Francis and her team transformed (understatement) my mom's house and held a successful estate sale! Not only did they spend so much time making sure to treat everything with love and care while sorting, but also treated me with much love and care, too. I am beyond grateful for what these ladies (and gents) did for my family, and took on the gargantuan task that would've taken me years (and probably an emotional breakdown) to do! They made the impossible, possible. It's not an easy task to get rid of so many memories, but it's so good to know that these things went to good homes. Thank y'all so much. Truly, there are no words. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!

Holly P.


Beautiful items throughout the store, always can find something unique and one-of-a-kind with classic beauty. The staff is phenomenal and always a joy to go in and visit.

Michelle D. Savoy

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Had a Great Time and found some great things at reasonable prices.

Timothy Cooper

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

They simply provide the most unique pieces around. And all with great customer service.

Brian Vallier

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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